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Here at DrunkAssGames, we believe that it is both good and epic to use your skill and brain whilst one embarks on consuming large amounts of intoxicating liquids. We are sick of playing all the same old games. We want new games, legendary games, to challenge and elevate our drinking experience. In our games, we shall strive to accomplish this task. Our first game is Death Cup, a unique twist on Quarters, combining the luck of dice with the skill and precision of quarter bouncing.

No one drinks and thinks better than a DrunkAssGamer. So if you are feeling distractingly sexy today, take a look around and enjoy what DrunkAssGames has to offer.

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We at DrunkAssGames are dedicated to bringing you high quality games, the likes of which you have never before seen. We understand that there are people out there that want to geek out and drink their fill too. Catering to these individuals is our goal. We want you to get a little rowdy, have some fun, and most importantly, feel like a god among men! Our games inspire such class and competition, that the world as we know it shall rise up and declare, "It's a good day to be a DrunkAssGamer!"

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