NEWS 06-20-17: Still have some open events on Thursday night. If after a hard day of gaming, drinking at the RAM sounds good to you, check out BGM17105290, BGM17105291, BGM17105292, BGM17105293, & BGM17105294.
NEWS 05-29-17: Event registration was amazing. The LDAP VII sold out in less than an hour! If you would like to get on a waiting list, email us at drunkassgames [at] gmail [dot] com. Still have some openings for Thursday night.
NEWS 05-29-17: Menu added to links below.
NEWS 05-14-17: Website updated with Gen Con 2017 info. Come back often to the site to check for updates. Event IDs are: BGM17105287, BGM17105288, BGM17105289, BGM17105290, BGM17105291, BGM17105292, BGM17105293, BGM17105294, ZED17105305, & ZED17105306.
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