NEWS 05-08-18: The Legendary DrunkAssParty VIII sold out around 40 mins after registration opened. Keep an eye out for tickets that free up, it happens all the time. If you would like to be put on our waiting list, email us at contact at drunkassgames dot com. Wednesday night has also sold out, but we still have openings Thursday night.
NEWS 05-01-18: Menu added! and Event IDs! :: Legendary DrunkAssParty VIII (Fri) ZED18126120. Legendary DrunkAssParty VIII (Sat) ZED18126121. Wed + Thu Nights: BGM18126112, BGM18126113, BGM18126114, BGM18140090, BGM18126119, BGM18126115, BGM18126116, BGM18126117, and BGM18126118.
NEWS 04-03-18: Website updated with Gen Con 2018 info. Come back often to the site to check for updates.
Legendary DrunkAssParty VIII Menu

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