NEWS 08-14-19: Gen Con 2019 is over... We have awoken from much coma... We have updated the store to include all Gen Con 2019 swag. There is a very limited number of Gen Con 2019 Commemorative Coins left, so grab them while the grabbin' is good. If you have any good pics/vids send them to us! Until next year good drunkassgamers! ALL HAIL THE DEATH CUP!!!
NEWS 07-08-19: All events are live and all events are electronic tickets! We still have a few tickets left, so search on DrunkAssGames. The online store has been updated with Gen Con 2019 stuff, if you won't be making the Con! Stay up to date and join our email list here:
NEWS 05-08-19: DrunkAssGames will be back for our 9th year rockin' drinking games at the RAM brewery and restaurant. Come say hi Wednesday through Saturday nights.
   Wednesday (Free)
      07PM - BGM19147572
      08PM - BGM19147574
      09PM - BGM19147575
      10PM - BGM19147577
      11PM - BGM19162317
   Thursday ($4 - Small Swag)
      09PM - BGM19147580
      10PM - BGM19147581
      11PM - BGM19147583
      12AM - BGM19147584
   Friday (LDAPIX - $58, Midnight - $36)
      09PM - ZED19147594
      12AM - ZED19162183
   Saturday (LDAPIX - $58, Midnight - $36)
      09PM - ZED19147595
      12AM - ZED19162185
NEWS 05-05-19: Event book goes live. Only the parties are in it: ZED19147594 & ZED19147595.
NEWS 04-24-19: Website updated with Gen Con 2019 info. Come back often to the site to check for updates.

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