Overview: Players start with 4 coins. The Shot Cup and Shot Dice move around the table. Players roll the Shot Dice to determine what action to take. A number rolled means a drink and a chance to win coins from other players, while a skull means a coin is given away. If three skulls are rolled, the Death Cup descends upon the table, and the game becomes a race to give it away. Terrible things await the player who lets the two cups cross paths. When the Death Cup has dispatched all but three players, the final show-down begins: a blitzing battle of attrition in both coins and sobriety until only one player is left standing.
Death Cup
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What, pray tell, is this Death Cup that the beautiful people keep ranting about?

Take a seat and listen, stranger, for I must learn you well...

Once, long ago, there was a great warrior named Sir DoomMaster3000KillSauce the 3rd, or DoomSauce for short. After defeating a horde of dragon riding leprechauns, DoomSauce returned to his fortress of DarkBlackNoLight, to relax for the evening. DoomSauce was in a particularly saucy mood as he had just decimated many green midgets that day.  So, to celebrate, DoomSauce took the skull of the mightiest dragon and fashioned from it a mighty cup, declaring "ALL HAIL THE DEATH CUP!"  The kingdom trembled, for DoomSauce was indeed happy.  DoomSauce then began fashioning other components to accompany the mighty Death Cup:  Dice carved from the bones of a thousand giant man-eating weremonkeys;  gold coins stolen from the legendary mutated dwarves living in the Caverns of SunkenDeepGloom;  and finally a second cup, which he found in his kitchen.  Using these components and a few quarters, the game of Death Cup was created.  Kings and Queens from across the land came to witness the epic wonder that was Death Cup.  As a right of passage young men would play one round of Death Cup and no longer be virgins.  Just to behold the mighty Death Cup in action would actually make the people of the land smarter, sexier, younger, and cause spontaneous orgasms.  It truly was a great time for all.

Recently this game was rediscovered amongst some ancient scrolls in the back of my mom's station wagon.  We now bring this game to you with slightly easier-to-acquire components and with a more streamlined rule set (no more virgin sacrifices, I'm afraid).

We are pleased to present to the world... Death Cup!



  • 1x Shot Cup
  • 1x Death Cup
  • 20x Wooden Coins
  • 3x Shot Dice
  • 1x Death Die
You will also need 10 quarters, and a strong surface to bounce these quarters on. Make sure the surface can withstand some punishment.
  Bring more death to the table! The Death Cup Expansion Pack contains enough coins to accommodate a further 3 players, as well as another Death Cup and Death Die to intensify the suffering of the weak.  

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