NEWS 2022-07-21: We are less than 2 weeks out! Health and Safety is on the mind. If you are attending a drinking event, keep in mind that masks are difficult to drink in, haha. I beg you, if you feel at all off do not attend events. PSA done, haha.
NEWS 2022-07-07: TCG22214471 Casual MTG Commander Tournament, go here for more info: LINK. MTG events include lunch, beverage, swag, and prizes (thats why they are so expensivo)!
NEWS 2022-06-29: All events are now up for Gen Con 2022. Search on DrunkAssGames. Some events still have tickets.
NEWS 2022-05-15: Event registration is open! Many of our events are still not approved. WTF?!?! Keep checking back for events for Wednesday and Thursday nights. Also, this year we will be running some day events. So keep hitting F5, haha. Events pending approval: BGM22213994, BGM22213995, BGM22213996, BGM22213997, TCG22214471, TCG22214496, BGM22202240, BGM22202241, & BGM22202242.
NEWS 2022-05-03: Some events are live. Many more are waiting for approval. DAG tickets are highly sought after, so please if you find that you do not want to attend, cancel/return your ticket as soon as possible, so someone else can claim it. Please do not use your DAG tickets on other events as that prevents someone from attending. Please visit this website often to stay on top of any breaking news about DAG events. DAG events takes place at Goodwood Brewing. You must be 21+ to drink! Space will be intimate at times, so please be conscious of your health. If you are not feeling well or do not want to be in close proximity to others, please do not attend DAG events. We all will be trying our hardest not to spread the plague!!!!
NEWS 2022-04-26: Gen Con 2022 is ON!!!

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